Thermosel System

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Thermosel System

The difficulty with viscosity measurements of hot melts and liquids at elevated temperatures has been in maintaining accurate temperature control that is consistent from sample to sample so that meaningful data could be obtained. The Brookfield Thermosel solves this problem by providing a stable, precisely controlled sample environment. This, together with the inherent accuracy of the Brookfield Viscometers, is fundamental to the Thermosel System, which produces viscosity measurements that are not only accurate but entirely reproducible.

Product Description

Thermosel System


  • Performs measurements compatible with industry specifications
  • Provides viscosity data that show pseudoplastic and thixotropic properties of test samples
  • Delivers repeatable measurements within ±2%
  • Works with any standard Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer
  • Simple and fast to operate; easy to clean
  • Optional software computes shear sensitivity factor


Spindle SC4-18 SC4-31 SC4-31 SC4-21 SC4-27
Sample Volume 8mL 10mL 9.5mL 8mL 10.5mL
Shear rate (secˉ¹)ᶧ 1.32N .34N .28N .93N .34N
DV3TLV*** 1.2-30K 12-300K 24-600K Not applicable for historical
DV2TLV**** 1.5-30K 15-30K 30-600K reasons. However, it is possible
DV1MLV 3-10K 30-100K 60-200K to use the above spindles
LVDVE 3-10K 30-100K 60-200K with any of these instruments.
LVT 5-10K 50-100K 100-200K Digital Viscometers/Rheometers
DV3TRV*** 20-500K 100-2.5M
DV2TRV**** 25-500K 125-2.5M
DV1MRV 50-170K 250-830K
RVDVE 50-170K 250-830K
RVT will automatically calculate 50-100K 250-500K
DV3THA*** viscosity. Please contact 10-1M 200-5M
DV2THA**** Brookfield or an authorized 50-1M 250-5M
DV1MHA dealers if you require 100-300K 500-1.7M
HADVE Information on viscosity range. 100-300K 500-1.7M
HAT 100-200K 500-1M
DV3THB*** 160-M 800-20M
DV2THB**** 200-4M 1K-20M
DV1MHA 400-1.3M 2K-6.7M
HBDVE 400-1.3M 2K-6.7M
HBT 400-800K 2K-4M


Spindle SC4-28 SC4-29 SC4-81**
Sample Volume 11.5mL 13mL 7mL
Shear rate (secˉ¹)ᶧ .28N .25N 1.29N
DV3TLV*** 1.0-10K
DV2TLV**** Not applicable for historical reasons. 3.4-10K
DV1MLV See not above. 3.4-10K
LVT 5.7-10K
DV3TRV*** 200-5M 400-10M 14.6-10K
DV2TRV**** 250-5M 500-10M 36.5-10K
DV1MRV 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 36.5-10K
RVDVE 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M N/A
RVT 500-1M 1K-2M 36.5-10K
DV3THA*** 400-10M 800-20M 29.2-10K
DV2THA**** 500-10M 1K-20M 73.0-10K
DV1MHA 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M 73.0-10K
HADVE 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M N/A
HAT 1K-2M 2K-4M 73.0-10K
DV3THB*** 1.6K-40M 3.2K-80M 116.8-10K
DV2THB**** 2K-40M 4K-80M 292.0-10K
DV1MHB 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M 292.0-10K
HBDVE 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M N/A
HBT 4K-8M 8K-16M 292.0-10K


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