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Simulate process conditions by measuring viscosity under pressure and temperature controlled environments using the PVS Rheometer and Rheovision software. Full automation and control of all test parameters are possible with this software, and it is included with the PVS Rheometer.

Product Description



  • Automates data collection
  • Eliminates operator error when recording data
  • Provides instantaneous viscosity flow curves (rheograms) on easy-to-read graphs
  • Creates a permanent record of each test
  • Test data may be collected “in the background” while previous data may be viewed, printed, plotted, and analyzed.
  • Unlimited data point collection
  • CGS or SI data units
  • Comparison data sets can be manually entered
  • Data saved in Paradox™ database format or exported to MS-Excel™, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Comma Separated Values (CSV) formats
  • Up to 5 data sets may be plotted simultaneously
  • Plot data available: % Torque, RPM, Viscosity, Shear Rate, Shear Stress, Temperature, Time
  • Yield Stress Calculations (Bingham Plastic, Casson), Power Law Consistency Index Calculations, Paste Analysis
  • API calculations for oil and gas industry
  • Temperature control of sample (with optional temperature bath)
  • Graphical and numerical display of measurement range for a selected geometry



  • Powerful scripting language provides simple to complex data collection programs
  • Wait for events to occur
  • Complete speed/shear rate control of rheometer
  • Variable data collection intervals
  • Save data during a program run
  • Looping functions for repetitive tasks


  • Pentium PC, 500 mHz (faster PC recommended)
  • MS-Windows XP, SP3, Vista or Windows 7™
  • VGA/SVGA graphics
  • RS-232 port for rheometer
  • Parallel port/USB for printer


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