Bath Accessories

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Bath Accessories

You want to keep your bath up and running…..and what better way to optimize the performance of your Brookfield bath than using some Brookfield fluid accessories.

Product Description

Bath Accessories

  • High Temperature Fluid (1 gal.)
    • DC550 100°C to 200°C
    • Heat transfer fluids provide superior thermal stability
  • Low Temperature Fluid (1 gal.)
    • Dynalene -50°C to +58°C
    • Excellent low temperature performance
    • For continuous low temperature applications
  • Algaecide (8 oz.)
    • Keeps circulator baths clean, odor free and resists black Algae
    • Economical 10-15 drops per gallon
  • Ethylene Glycol (1 gal.)
    • -20°C to 100°C
    • Laboratory grade bath fluid for general purpose use
    • Normally mixed with water at 50:50 ratio


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