14 Station Bathless Dissolution Tester

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Dissolution Testers :

  • International Regulatory Compliance
  • 7″ Touch screen Display
  • Storage capacity of 1000 protocols and 100 test reports
  • Easy access to all physical parameters for cleaning and mechanical qualification
  • Designed to minimize routine validation
  • Top plate resists corrosion and abuse
  • All Sample conact parts are made of inter material
  • Versatility allows adaption to USP apparatus 1 and 2
  • Ergonomically designed storage tray for baskets and paddles

Product Description


Bathless Heating


  • Electrolab-Bathless-Dissolution-Tester-EDT-14BTV Bathless heating Saves:
    • wter
    • Electricity
    • Time
  • Quick Heating of Media

V-Stir Technology 

  • Ensures continuous wireless temperature monitoring without affecting the hudrodynamics in the vessel
  • Identifies position,apparatus type and apparatus presence to resuce manual errors
  • Records Exursions of tempetrature and RPM
  • Wireless apparatus of tmperature and RPM
  • Wireless apparatus enables easy Cleaning and maintence

Motorized lift Mechanism :

  • Hands-free quiet iperation
  • Automatic Stirrer Height positioning for USP apparatus 1 and 2


  • Unibody Construction Of Snap-Fit Shaft provides wobble free Operation and accurate height adjustment.
  • Facilities Quick Changeopver Between Methods

Specifications :

  • Speedrange : Variable speed from 20 to 300 RPM
  • Speedaccuracy : 0.5RPM
  • Temperaturerange : 20 to 40 oC
  • Temperatureaccuracy : 0.1oC
  • Display: 7″ TFT Touch-screen display
  • No.of method : 999 maximum
  • TestRun reports storage capacity : 100 reports
  • Sampleinterval : Maximum 24 of 1 min to 999 hrs, 59 mins.
  • Printerinterface : Ethernet / Serial port
  • Heater:Individual heater coil (8 nos.)
  • Powersupply : 220/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 kW/6 Amp
  • Dimensions(W x H X D) : 120 cm x 65 cm x 71 cm

Features :

  • Complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. and JP specifications
  • Bathless dissolution Tester is maintenance-free
  • Specially designed efficient heater jackets for vessel, heats the media quickly attains
  • temperatures from 25oC to 37oC within approximately 15 minutes
  • V-stirTM (Patented)ensures continuous wireless temperature monitoring without affecting the
  • hydrodynamics in the vessel.
  • V-StirTM (Patented)identifies position and apparatus type and apparatus presence toreduce
  • manual errors
  • Easy Snap-FitTM shaft locking mechanism for positive engagement and wobble free operation.
  • Intuitive 7″ TFT touch-screen graphic display
  • Visual indication along with sound alert of dissolution instrument statusfrom all sides of the instrument
    • Idle
    • Ready
    • Run
    • Error
  • Ethernet connectivity allows central printing of data
  • In-built accessory drawer for storing the baskets and paddles
  • 999 programmable methods and 24 programmable sampling intervals
  • RPM range between 20 to 300 with an accuracy of � 0.5 RPM.
  • Unique TimeActionTM function which allows media changeover and infinity test run.
  • Instrument accessories like V-Stir paddles, V-Stir baskets and vessels are laser marked with
  • serial numbers.
  • Reports for online validation of test, monograph, error log during the test , temperature and
  • RPM excursions and physical validation.
  • Ideal for sustained and controlled release products.


  • Split_Rinse :57% reduction in rinse volume purged to waste in multiple cycles to avoid carryover
  • Loop-Back: Circulates the initial Volume through the transfer tubings back to vessel to elimanate waste Volume

Dilution with Stirring 

  • Simultaneous purging and mixing of the aliquot and diluent for homogeneous sample preparation
  • Automated dilution of sample is possible using different media or mobile phase,if replenishment media is not to be used as diluent


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