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HANNA – HI7698194-2

Spare Galvanic DO Sensor for HI769819X Probe

The HI7698194-2 is a replaceable galvanic dissolved oxygen membrane sensor for use with Hanna’s family of mulitparameter portable meters and probes. The sensor body is constructed of durable ABS material and contains an easily replaceable membrane cap design. The membranes are constructed of HDPE and each cap screws onto the sensor with the twist of a finger. The HI7698194-2 sensor contains a silver cathode and zinc anode. The sensor module is color coded for easy installation and integration with the probe.

Easily Replaceable Membrane Caps

No Warm-Up Time

Color Coded Sensor

Product Description

HANNA – HI7698194-2

Spare Galvanic DO Sensor for HI769819X Probe


Sensor HI7698194-2
Description DO sensor
Measurement Type DO (% saturation and concentration)
Measurement Range 0.0 to 500.0 %; 0.00 to 50.00 mg/L
Temperature Range -5 to 55 °C
Color Code White
Tip cat/an: Ag/Zn
Junction membrane HDPE
Body white top ABS
Maintenance HI7042S (DO electrolyte)
Dimensions 99 x 17 mm
Depth 20 m (65’)


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