Kesar BOD Incubator

Kesar BOD Incubator

BOD Incubator

  • A BOD Incubator is solidly manufactured to ensure the incubation of the cultures within is completely insulated from the harsh external environment and completely in artificial control.


  • Modular stainless-steel construction.
  • PLC or PID based Control panel with electrical switchgear and refrigeration system mounted on top for easy service accessibility.
  • Heavy-duty solid stainless steel duly electro polished perforated type trays which are easy to clean and adjustable.
  • Double glass door system for a full view within the BOD Incubator


  • Stand by Cooling System
  • Scanner
  • GSM/Mobile alert system
  • Security alarm System


  • Water and vapor tight interior.
  • Arc-welded seams for long-term durability
  • Inner & outer doors sealed with silicone sponge rubber gaskets.

Product Description

BOD Incubator

Kesar Make

Technical Specifications:

Temperature Range 10℃ to 60℃
Accuracy 1.0 ℃
Uniformity 2.0℃
Control System PLC or PID Based


Model Capacity (in Ltrs) Dimesions (WxDxH) Max. No of Trays
Internal(mm) Width depth height External(mm)Width depth height
GMPD90L 90 450x400x500 600x820x1050 3
GMPD227L 227 600x630x600 750x1065x1180 4
GMPD325L 325 600x630x900 750x1065x1480 6
GMPD400L 400 600x630x1060 750x1065x1640 7
GMPD500L 500 600x630x1350 750x1065x1905 8
GMPD600L 600 800x800x950 950x1265x1530 6
GMPD800L 800 800x800x1250 950x1265x1830 9
GMPD1000L 1000 800x800x1570 950x1265x2150 9
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