Rocker 300 Dc

Rocker 300 Dc


Rocker Oil Free Vacuum Pump Model

Rocker 300DC

Features :Rocker series Vacuum pump is a piston powered ,Oil free pump.

  • With an innovative electronic
  • Mechanical technology
  • Human design Concept make Rocker’s Family quit and low vibration
  • Compact and light weight
  • Cleab and Maintenance  free
  • Safe and Comfortable
Rocker 300DC


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Product Description


Features :

No air pollution, maintenance free:

Rocker series pumps are driven by Piston, without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance; with no oil pollution.


Prote™ over flow protection:

Rocker series pumps are equipped with Prote™ filter cartridge which can prevent a large amount of liquid from being sucked into the pump by negligence. It can also filter particle and moisture to prolong the service life of pump.


Thermal protection device:

Every motor of Rocker series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working when the temperature cools down.

Applications :

  • Suspended Solid test
  • Filtration for Microbiology test
  • Air Sampling
  • Vacuum Filtration

Specifications :

Max. Power 35 W
Max. Current 03:00 AM
Max. Vacuum 146 mbar (26 in Hg)
Max. Flow Rate 25 l/Min
Motor Rotation 1800 RPM
Horse Power 1/8 HP
Noise Level 50.0 dB
Port Thread 5/16 Inch (8mm)
Pressure Regulator No
Vacuum Regulator Yes
Overflow Protection Yes
Net weight 3.5 KG
Dimension (LxWxH) 27.2X12.1X16.4 CM
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