Semi-Micro Balances

Semi-Micro Balances



These are the world’s first five decimal balances with the advantages of UniBloc one-piece force cell technology.

There are two models of AUW-D Series Semi Micro Balances

  • AUW220D
  • AUW120D
Semi Micro Balance


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Product Description


Model Capacity Minimum Display Pan Size(mm) Internal calibration modes
AP225WD 102g/220g 0.01mg/0.1mg 91 dia PSC, Clock-CAL, any time with key touch
AP125WD 52g/120g 0.01mg/0.1mg 91 dia PSC, Clock-CAL, any time with key touch


Features of Shimadzu-Semi-Micro-Balance-AP-Series :


Singlr block technology brings performance and durability.

PSC(perfect Self Calibration)Choice of fully-automatic  calibrations : PSC and Clock-CAL

The balance self calibrates when it detects temperature changes that would affect accuracy.Operator is relesed from constantly monitoring surrounding conditions.

ISO printingGLP / GMP / ISO calibration report

With Optional printer connected to the balance, calibration reports which meet the requirements of GLP,GMP and ISO9000 can be produced.

WindowsDirectWindowsDirect function

Weighed result is directly typed at cursor position of application windows OS No communication software is required.

Application Support :

Interval Timer-1Interval timer

Data can be automatically output at pre-set time intervals

Piece Counting ModePiece counting mode

Piece counting function is a standard feature.

Formulation ModeFormulation mode

Convenient for making  many measurements of minute samples and seeking the total mass

Specific GravitySpecific gravity measurement

Software for specific gravity measurement is pre-installed.Simply add optional specific gravity kit for efficient measurements

Standard Below-Weight Hook InstalledBelow-weigh hook for hanging  measurement

Measurement beneath the balance is possible

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