Mini Rotary Shakers

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  • The Remi Model is used for  gentle mixing of fluids in test tubes & glass vessels of different capacities.
  • These shakers find applications in pathology, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology & biotechnology.

Product Description


Features OF Remi-Mini-Rotary-Shakers :

  • Model RS-12 Plus shakers have Brush less DC (BLDC) Motor having a wide speed range from 50 to 400 rpm. A universal platform is with adjustable rollers and is also suitable to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes / capacities for holding conical flasks, making the unit truly versatile in performance. A variety of clamps are available having capacity of 500 ml, 250 ml, 150 ml and 100 / 50 ml (To be ordered separately).
  • Model RS-12R shakers are with AC/DC Universal motor with maximum speed of 180 rpm & with in built speed regulator. These shakers have platform with 3 adjustable rollers.
Model RS-12R RS-12 Plus RS-18 Plus
Speed Range rpm 80 to 180 50 to 400 50 to 250
Platform Size inches 7×11 12 x 12 20 x 20
Flasks Capacity [max) 5 x 500 ml 13 x 500 ml
Overall Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 270 x 260 x 156 320 x 415 x 130 520 x 613 x 155
Speed Indicator Digital Digital Digital
Digital Count down Timer minutes 15 99 99
Shaking Orbit mm 10 10 10
Power Supply 220-240 V, 50Hz, Single phase


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