Rocker 410

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Rocker Series Vacuum pump is a piston powered oil free pump.

With ab innovative electronic Mechanical Technology and human concept make Rocker’s Family quiet and low vibration Compact and light weight,Clean and maintenance  free,safe and comfortable

Product Description


Applications :

  • Filtration for microbiology test
  • Air sampling
  • Suspended solid test
  • Vacuum filtration

Features :

No air pollution, maintenance free
Rocker series pumps are driven by Piston, without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance; with no oil pollution.

Prote™ overflow protection
Rocker series pumps are equipped with Prote™ filter cartridge which can prevent a large amount of liquid from being sucked into the pump by negligence. It can also filter particle and moisture to prolong the service life of pump.

Thermal protection device
Every motor of Rocker series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working when the temperature cools down.


Max.Power 80(W)
Max.Vaccum -730mmHg=97.33kPa=30Torr
0mmHgVacuum 19L/min=0.67CFM
600mmHgVacuum 6L/min=0.21CFM
Motor Rotation 1450RPM
Hourse Power 1/6Hp
Noise Level 50db
Net Weight 5.2kg



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