AUY Series

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AUY models are the single-range analytical balances engineered with the UniBloc technology.

This provides especially fast response and superb stability in a 0.1mg analytical balance.

There are two models of Shimadzu-Analytical-Balance-AUY-Series

  • AUY220
  • AUY120

AUY Series

WindowsDirect Built in RS232c Interface Piece Counting Mode Analog Bar Graph Display Specific Gravity Standard Below-Weight Hook Installed Auto Print All Metal Housing

Product Description


Model Capacity Minimum Display Pan Size(mm) Calibration modes
AUY220 220g 0.1mg 80 dia Touch-key with external weight
AUY120 120g 0.1mg 80 dia Touch-key with external weight


Features of Shimadzu-Analytical-Balance-AUY-Series :


This sensor is created by high-precision electric discharge wire processing applied to a block of aluminum alloy to replace the conventional sensor block assembly.

WindowsDirectWindowsDirect function

Weighed data can be directly typed into any windows application and no interface software is required.

Application Support :

Piece Counting ModePiece counting mode

Unit weighted of up to 5 different samples can be easily entered,stored and recalled for use.

Formulation ModeFormulation mode

Convenient sample to target values or pass/fail criteria and clearly indicate the results.

Specific GravitySpecific gravity measurement

A built-in specific gravity calculation function allows the balance to also act as a hydrometer by adding on the optional specific gravity measurement kit.

Standard Below-Weight Hook InstalledBelow-weigh hook for hanging measurement

A hook for suspending the bottom dish from the bottom of the balance is provided as standard.

Auto PrintAuto Print

Automatically outputs data as each measurement is made. Combination with WindowsDirect creates a handy weigh-and-record system.

User Friendly Features :

  • User Friendly Weighing Chamber
  • Easy Level Adjustment
  • Metal Housing
  • Comfortable key Operation
  • Analog Bar Graph display
  • Don’t Direct jump To your Windows Application


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