ELB Series

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ELB Series

Battery Drive Piece Counting Mode Specific Gravity

Product Description

ELB Series

Power Source Options

Series AC operation Dry battery operation
ELB Series AC adaptor is required standard
Model Capacity Minimum display Pan size (mm)
ELB120 120g 0.01g 110 dia
ELB200 200g 0.01g 110 dia
ELB300 300g 0.01g 110 dia
ELB600 600g 0.05g 170 x 130
ELB600S 600g 0.1g 170 x 130
ELB1200 1200g 0.1g 170 x 130
ELB2000 2000g 0.1g 170 x 130
ELB3000 3000g 0.1g 170 x 130
ELB12K 12Kg 1g 170 x 130
ELB6000S 6000g 1g 170 x 130


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