Top Loading Balances BL series

Top Loading Balances BL series


BL Series Features:

  • Quick response

    Very fast response for operator comfort and efficiency.

  • High stability

    Even if the environmental conditions are not ideal for precision weighing, the high stability mode of BL Series produces steady readings.

  • Piece Counting function

    Piece counting function is standard.

  • Analog Bar Graph Display

    Remaining weighing capacity can be seen at a glance.

  • Easy unit conversion

    Switching between various units is by simple key-touch.

  • Equipped with a square pan

    Offers ease of operation.

  • Compact body

    This electro-magnetic precision balance is as compact as a portable scale.
BL Series


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Product Description

Top Loading Balance- BL Series

High-resolution balances made affordable

Technical Specifications:

Model Type Calibration Display Capacity Pan Size
BL220H Top Pan External 1mg/0.001g 220g 100×100
BL2200H Top Pan External 10mg/0.01g 2.2 kg 160×124
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