A moisture balance is a necessary tool for quality control requirements. With the MOC63u , you can easily obtain accurate data.

Features of Shimadzu-Moisture-Balance-MOC63u :

>  UniBloc                                                                >  Halogen Heater

>  Large pan size: 95mm dia                               >  Built-in USB port

>  Easy operation using simple keypad            >  Rapid drying mode

>  Timed ending mode                                          >  Slow drying mode

>  Automatic ending mode                                  >  Step drying mode

> Automatic starting mode                                  >  Windows Direct



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Product Description



Single Block technology brings high performance and durability.

WindowsDirectWindows Direct- Data Management

Weighed result is directly typed at the cursore position of any application on windows OS no communication software required

Built in RS232c InterfaceBuilt-In-Rs232c-Interface

RS-232 Interface is a slandered feature.

LCD Witrh BacklightBacklight Display

Easy to read in any environment


All Metal HousingCompact Design 

all metal construction for high durability

Measurement Modes of MOCU63U :

  • Ending Modes

Automatic ending mode

Timed ending mode

  • Alternate drying Modes

Rapid drying mode

slow drying mode

step drying mode

  • Starting Mode

Automatic starting mode


Specifications of Shimadzu-Moisture-Balance-MOC63u :

Capacity 60g
Minimum readability 0.001g
0.01/0.1% (Selectable)
Repeatability 0.15% (2g)
0.05% (5g)
0.02% (10g)
Drying Heater Straight type halogen heater
Power 400W
Temperature range 50-200°C (1°C increments)
Setting (There is a time restriction when exceeding 180°C.)
Display LCD with backlight
Pan size 95mm dia
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 202 × 336 × 157
Weight 4kg
Operational temperature and humidity range 5 to 40°C, 85%RH or lower
Measurement modes Standard
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Rapid drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Slow drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Step drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Timer setting 1-120 minutes or continuous
(max 12 hours)
Interface RS-232C (9-pin connector) I/O port


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